I do not want to merely succeed at this position…I do not want to just get by. I am driven to exceed every expectation: Mine, yours, Hologic’s and everyone else who places their trust in me: Everyday will be an execution of that drive. In the first month, my primary focus will be to start networking, profiling, and booking appointments with surgeons and physicians.

I will also introduce myself to all surgeons and hospitals that have previously used Myosure, Novasure, and Adiana: begin contacting the ‘low hanging fruit’ who are not using Hologic products. Every day, I will wake up and take ownership of my day by leaving the house no later than 6am and return, no matter how late, when all goals, objectives have been accomplished! * Attend and complete Hologic training/orientation on sales strategy, processes, and products (if applicable) a comparative analysis of the united kingdom and the united states health care systems.

* Introduce myself up to 7 potential customers within territory every day. * Create Surgeon Profiles for target surgeons, and continue to profile territory. * Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Novasure, Myosure, and Adiana products/ procedures. Also, master how to use the equipment and demonstrate effectively (and Sell!) to surgeons.

* Build High Gain Questions and value statements for the products, and begin role playing different 'unplanned run-ins” that may come up with each current and potential surgeon. * Pass out 20 Business Cards a day to key players at hospital (materials management, sterile processing, OR coordinators, key scrub techs, etc.) and write down something new that I didn't already know to add to my surgeon/physician profiles. *

Map out hospitals in territories for a productive call pattern. * Learn corporate systems/procedures for paperwork, reports, e-mail, and rep. access website of Hologic websites. * Start and complete appropriate testing and certifications (Reptrax, Vendor Clear, etc.). *

Complete and modify surgeon target list by profiling, targeting, and interviewing key people. * Identify major competitors in the territory and the key products being used to identify the “Gains” and “Give-ups” to sell against. * Meet with sales Managers, senior Reps to update them on my progress, ask questions, and prioritize target list and corporate involvement. * Identify possible mentor who can share knowledge to shorten the learning curve on the products, territory, and business. *

Ride along with senior sales representatives to learn their approach and selling style. * Purchase relevant publications and read at least two journal articles a day in order to stay current. * Schedule my first surgery as a result of my own efforts. * Study necessary anatomy at least one hour, 6 days a week. * Re-Evaluate my 1st 30 days in the territory and adjust forward goals, objectives and action plan to insure goal attainment and production in the coming months.

60 Day Action Plan
My second month I will build upon my first month... I will continue to provide support the team, schedule cases, and continue to build more relationships by scheduling sales calls and cases. Every day, I will wake up and take ownership of my day by leaving the house no later than 6am and return, no matter how late, when all goals, objectives have been accomplished. * Profile accounts and take notes on personalities, issues, etc. * Build rapport with customers.

* Plan attendance at relevant tradeshow/industry event.
* Join appropriate associations/organizations.
* Continue to turn in paperwork and reports in a timely manner. * Continue to dialog with sales manager for performance feedback. * Continue to practice my sales presentations.
* Study to improve product and industry knowledge
* Gain a comprehensive knowledge of the Competition
* Continue to gain a comprehensive knowledge ALL Hologic Products/ Procedures; and master how to use. Also learn to demonstrate effectively (and Sell!) to surgeons.

90 Day Action Plan
My third month I keep building on the last two months I will keep increasing the number of cases scheduled. I will be familiar with my territory, which includes all surgeons and hospital staff. Every day, I will wake up and take ownership of my day by leaving the house no later than 6am and return, no matter how late, when all goals, objectives have been accomplished. * Continue calling on accounts and prospects within territory. Be visible! * Work efficiently and effectively to ensure optimum time and territory management. * Come up with new and creative ways to get prospects’ attention in the field. * Get continued input from team and manager.

* Participate in team meetings.
* Offer to take on any special projects for the team. Become the “go-to” person! * Establish long-term sales plan. * Based on information from the field, develop strategies designed to defend against competitive threats, product issues or failures. * Review first 90 days with sales manager to discuss performance and status of territory.

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